Legacy System Modernization

Sometimes updating or interfacing with an existing application provides a better solution than replacing the application. Or, if a replacement project is underway, an interim solution to address some key issues in the short term may be advantageous. When that’s the case, Axioon can enhance and customize your legacy systems to meet your changing business requirements.
For large legacy systems, we organize the transformation to a modern environment in phases by migrating legacy modules one by one.

Choosing the right path

Our approach to legacy modernization begins with a thorough assessment of your business needs in order to confirm that application re-engineering makes the most sense. Then we suggest options and collaborate with you to choose the update methodology that best addresses your end requirements, time constraints, risk and the other factors that are most critical to your business. 

Our offerings
  • Transform to web architecture
  • Enable applications for SOA
  • DBMS Applications to RDBMS & 3 Tier Architecture
  • Client / server Applications to 3- Tier / Web based Applications
  • SOAP compliant Application Migration
  • Web Wrappers